User Story Collection Form

CADRE, or Collaborative Archive Data Research Environment, is entering its first development cycle. As proposed, CADRE aims to provide sustainable, affordable, and standardized data and analytic services for open and licensed big bibliometric data. The initial datasets will include Web of Science and Microsoft Academic Graph. To better understand the needs of our customer, including but limited to Scientometrics/Science of Science researchers, librarians and other research technical service providers, we would like to take the opportunity to ask for your input.

A user story simply consists of plain English explaining what functionalities a customer needs and the high-level goals that it will enable one to achieve. At this early stage, it could be anything ranges from specific interface design to general computational environment. We also welcome detailed information about the scientific challenges that our platform can help to address. For example,

"As a coordinator of multiple research teams, I need the functionality to run code examples with associated data on a cloud vendor with our own credits so that collaborators from different institutions can reproduce the result. This will greatly facilitate our research collaborations, making it possible to conduct a study on XXX that was previously impossible."


"As a bibliometric researcher with a focus in biomedical literature, I support the inclusion of the PubMed/MEDLINE dataset. I also want an unifying query data extractor into XXX format so that I can run my model on different data sources without worrying about different file structures. My model is built to captures the XXX. Being able to utilize both the PubMed and Web of Science data will help comparing XXX."

Please use the form below to contribute user stories and feel free to submit multiple stories.
All responses, no matter how abstract or seemingly trivial, would be very helpful for us, and will be taken under serious consideration when we plan for the development of CADRE.