Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe)


The Observatory on Social Media highlights the results of a broad research project aimed to study information diffusion in social media. The public can use our tools to explore how people spread ideas through online social networks.

OSoMe (awe•some) is a set of tools resulting from a broad research project that seeks to study how memes spread online. Our first application was the study of astroturfing: memes promoted by social bots to create the appearance of a grassroots movement. Our first demo to visualze the spread of memes on Twitter was nicknamed Truthy. The word, suggested by a graduate student, comes from a term popularized by Stephen Colbert, truthiness, which describes claims that feel like they ought to be true, but aren't necessarily.

In the years following its creation, OSoMe has spawned many mashups and side projects, including our own Hoaxy. For more information on OSoMe or to use the OSoMe tools, visit the official OSoMe website.

Access Enhanced Data

Indiana University students and faculty can obtain access to enhanced OSoMe data featuring additional meta data and tweet content.