Tools and Data

IUNI aims to serve the needs of researchers at Indiana University whose work on networks spans a wide range of disciplinary fields and departments. Below is a list with hyperlinks to external resources, as well as pointers to the resources we host at IUNI (e.g., WoS, OSoMe, Hoaxy).

  • Web of Science data: 63,590,916 papers (SCIE, SSCI, AHCI, Books and Proceedings) covering 1900 through 2016
  • The NaN data repository ( contains several large datasets, including the massive click collection with over 50 billion Web requests.
  • The Scholarometer API and Linked Open Data ( provide programmatic access to data about authors and disciplines, crowdsourced through the Scholarometer tool.
  • The Kinsey Reporter API ( provides programmatic access to crowdsourced data about co-occurrence of tags describing anonymous sexual behaviors.
  • The Observatory on Social Media (, Indiana University's warehouse for social media data, provides access to a large sample of the Twitter stream as well as derived analytics data about meme diffusion in social media.
  • Tennis Prestige ( uses publicly available data about tennis matches to generate a weighted and directed network of contacts among players, and then measure their performance with Prestige Score, a variant of the well known PageRank centrality.
  • Network Workbench ( is a large-scale network analysis, modeling and visualization toolkit for biomedical, social science and physics research.
  • The Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell) ( supports the plug-and-play of datasets and algorithms and their bundling into custom tools that serve the specific needs of a user group or research community.
  • Science of Science Tool (Sci2) ( supports the temporal, geospatial, topical, and network analysis and visualization of scholarly datasets at the micro (individual), meso (local), and macro (global) levels.
  • Epidemics Tool (EpiC) ( supports the custom analysis, modeling, and visualization of data streams such as diffusion patterns of the H1N1 virus over geographic space.
  • Brain Connectivity Toolbox (BCT) ( is an open-source matlab toolbox for brain network analysis and visualization.