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Adam Roth

Adam Roth is a Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology and at the Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI). Roth is working with the Leveraging Neuroimaging Biomarkers to Understand the Role of Social Networks in Alzheimer's Disease (SNAD) project with Drs. Brea Perry, Liana Apostolova, and Andrew Saykin.

His research uses egocentric network analysis and other quantitative methods to address health disparities across multiple contexts. He is broadly interested in how social environments shape personal health and well-being. Within this framework, he studies issues such as cognitive function, mortality, loneliness, and informal caregiving. He is currently working on a NIH-funded study that aims to understand the role of egocentric network dynamics in the etiology and clinical progression of Alzheimer’s disease. He received his PhD in Sociology from Washington State University.

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IUNI Fellow