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Jessie Ma

Jessie Ma is the part-time UI/UX designer at IUNI. She joined IUNI in January 2019 and has been working as the main UI/UX designer on the CADRE project, as well as helping IUNI with other general graphic- and design-related tasks. Jessie graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Science in Creative Media in 2012 and is now a second-year graduate student in the Human-Computer Interaction and Design program in the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington. Prior to her pursuit of a Master's Degree, Jessie worked as the lead UI/UX designer at Altitude Labs, an IT startup based in Hong Kong, San Fransisco, and Singapore. She had also been involved in a series of academic research projects during her time at CityU.

Jessie being her preferred name, she has basically given up telling every person she meets that her legal first name, He, is not pronounced the same as the English word "he." Jessie has amateur experience in piano, translation, and lettering (graphic/calligraphic). Her secondary choices of careers would be a professional translator/interpreter, a scholar in Linguistics or Semantics, or a potter.

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UX Designer