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Event: Open Science Forum

Network Visualization Literacy

Wednesday, Nov 1st 2017 at 4:00 PM
Social Science Research Commons (Woodburn Hall 200)

On November 1, Angela Zoss (a Ph.D. candidate in Information and Library Science) will present her work on network visualization comprehension and literacy, including the results of an ongoing study of network visualization literacy. Details of the study are included below.  Invitations to participate in the study will be sent to IUNI faculty and graduate student affiliates directly, or you may request an invitation by emailing Angela directly (

Please join us on November 1, and make sure to participate in the online survey by October 31!


Despite a lack of widespread training and complaints of “hairball” layouts, network visualizations enjoy growing popularity both inside and outside academic circles. As yet, no systematic study has been done to gather baseline literacy values for network visualizations across diverse populations and diverse visualization comprehension tasks.  In this Open Science Forum, I will describe my efforts to study and describe network visualization literacy, and I will invite the audience to participate in the research and contribute to our growing body of knowledge about these visualizations.