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Event: CADRE Project

Open Science Forum to demonstrate and discuss the CADRE project

Wednesday, Apr 24th 2019 at 4:00pm
SSRC, Woodburn Hall 200

Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment, or CADRE, is a two-year project to develop, seed, and maintain a cloud-based, extendable cyberinfrastructure for sharing large academic library data resources. The gateway will initially be seeded with a combination of open and licensed bibliometric datasets, including Microsoft Academic and Web of Science data.

Please join us to hear a presentation from IUNI’s IT staff describing the tools and resources available. Through hands on demos, we will show case a user friendlily graphical interface to query the dataset as well as powerful coding tools for data analysis.  Join the discussion on how the data can be leveraged to enhance your own research, look for novel collaborations with others working with bibliometric data to and make suggestions on what additional tools would help to make CADRE a better research environment for all.

The meeting was held at the Social Science Research Commons, Room 200 in Woodburn Hall. A recording is available using the link below: