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Event: Workshop on Ego Networks: Research Design and Analysis

Brea L. Perry, Instructor

Wednesday, Jul 24th 2019 at 9:00 AM
Social Science Research Commons, Woodburn Hall 200

This 3-day workshop will be taught by Professor Brea L. Perry on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University from Wednesday, 7/24/19 to Friday, 7/26/19. Workshop cost is $900 and does not include housing or transportation. To register, please go to the following link: 

Course Description:  Ego network analysis (i.e., personal social network analysis) focuses on the structure, function, and composition of network ties surrounding individuals to examine how behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, and outcomes are shaped through contact and communication with others. Though tools and techniques for studying ego networks are distinct from whole network analysis, few resources provide a “deep dive” into this popular method. While no single course could cover the entire breadth of the field, we will examine the most fundamental methodological issues and practical concerns that arise in egocentric network research. This course requires no prior knowledge of egocentric SNA. We will begin with an introduction to the foundational concepts of egocentric SNA, highlighting linkages to theories commonly used in the social and health sciences (e.g. social capital). The rest of the course will cover methodological considerations and statistical techniques for egocentric SNA. In addition to covering data collection strategies (e.g. name generators, name interpreters), measures, and modeling in a lecture format, participants will learn to use Stata software to code and analyze data in daily lab sessions. These sessions will primarily focus on interactive use of Stata in a computer lab, providing hands-on practice exercises using a range of substantive topics. R code will also be provided. 


Please feel free to contact me ( or Brea Perry ( if you have any questions about ​the workshop or registration.