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Event: Smart, Connected, and Resilient Communities: Map & Reduce

A presentation at the Midwest Big Data Hub's All-Hands Meeting

Tuesday, Oct 29th 2019 at 2:00 p.m. CT
Big Ten Conference Center, Rosemont, Ill.

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More info: All researchers and practitioners involved in this topic are invited to participate, briefly present their projects, discuss their challenges and needs, and learn about what others are doing, as well as discuss how the Midwest Big Data Hub can help move their work forward.

Our lightning-talk presenters will include:

  • Ayaz Hyder (Ohio State University), Developing an Informational Infrastructure for Building Smart Regional Foodsheds
  • Raghu Machiraju​ (Ohio State University), Community-Driven Data Engineering for Substance Abuse Prevention in the Rural Midwest
  • Diba Malekpour Koupaei (Iowa State University), Sustainable Cities
  • Jason Pennington, executive director of the Indiana IoT Lab


Session 1: MAP. How to gather data? 30 minutes

Led by Franco Pestilli, Indiana University. 

This session will cover expertise, challenges, and needs for data collection in distributed communities. This session will provide an overview of the current needs the communities are facing and solicit feedback on these topics in the area of smart and resilient communities.

(A) 15 minutes of projects overview for data gathering topic. This includes 2- to 3-minute lightning talks from presenters about SRC project with a focus on how they gather data; needs, size, and challenges of data collection.

(B) 15 minutes of discussion to share related challenges.


Session 2: REDUCE. What to do with data? 30 minutes

Led by Valentin Pentchev, Indiana Network Science Institute. 

This session will follow up on the previous session and discuss needs, insights, and expertise in methods and technologies that can help address the challenges and needs after data collection has occurred.

(A) 15 minutes of projects overview for data analysis topic. This includes 2- to 3-minute lightning talks from presenters about SRC project with a focus on how they analyze data currently and what analyses would people ideally like to do. What are the challenges and barriers associated with this?

(B) 15 minutes of discussion to share data analyses methods, challenges, and goals.


Brain Break: Reflect of discussion and prepare to address more challenges. 10 minutes


Open Discussion: What other topics would folks like to discuss? 20 minutes

Participant-driven discussion on topics of interest and identified challenges in SRC, including but not limited to:

– How to find partners.

– Identifying funding opportunities.

– Connecting with communities to gather data.

– Connecting with expertise, for example, to manage or analyze data.

– Ways the Hub can help: Webinar topics of interest? Need newsletter coverage? Website dedicated to this community?


This project is supported by NSF award #1916518
Principal Investigator: Franco Pestilli
Co-Principal Investigators: Inna Kouper and Valentin Pentchev

You can read more about the MBDH All-Hands Meeting here.