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Event: IUNI + IDAH + WIM Workshop: Network Analysis for Humanists with Net.Create

Setup, design, and use the free Net.Create tool to make sense of your data

Friday, Feb 11th 2022 at 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Zoom / SSRC Grand Hall (Woodburn Hall, Bloomington)

In this joint workshop, participants will gain an understanding of network analysis, the utility of the method for humanists, and learn to use the Net.Create tool for their own research. Participants will learn how to install Net.Create and learn how to set up a template for their own research. Upon completing this workshop, participants will be equipped to help other scholars and students replicate the contents of this workshop.

Participants will have some pre-workshop homework that addresses a basic understanding of networks for humanists and the basics of command line installation for humanists with minimal computing experience. Our live session will start with a common set of data for everyone to work on together, which demonstrates the simultaneous editing capabilities of the Net.Create platform. This will impart an understanding of background files including templates, how to backup the actual network data file, how Net.Create works (LAN vs WAN), access codes, and simultaneous editing. After a short break, our second session will offer troubleshooting sessions to help users progress through different install pathways for Mac and Windows users at their own pace. We will come back together for iterative template editing and allow participants to build their own network for their own data set. We will conclude with sustainability questions focused on Net.Create archives and backups, log files, and data exports to other network analysis tools for more fine-grained analysis.

This workshop will be led by Dr. Kalani Craig (Clinical Associate Professor, History; Co-director, IDAH), Maksymilian Szostalo (Phd candidate, History; Outreach Coordinator, IUNI), Vanessa Elias (Phd candidate, Spanish; Program and Project Manager, IDAH), Sean Purcell (Phd candidate, Media School; Digital Methods Specialist, IDAH), and Pouyan Shahidi (PhD candidate, NELC; Digital Methods Specialist, IDAH).

Prerequisites: none. Participants will need to bring a Mac or a Windows laptop or if attending remotely, using a Windows PC or a Mac.

This workshop will be held entirely online. Click here to register by 5 PM, Friday, Feb 4.

This workshop is co-sponsored by IUNI, the Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities (IDAH), and the Social Science Research Commons' Workshop in Methods series.

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