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Event: IUNI Workshop: Social Network Analysis and StatNet

SNA with R's igraph and statnet packages

Thursday, Mar 24th 2022 at 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

This 3 hour introductory workshop will cover core social network analysis concepts in the statnet and igraph packages of R.

The workshop will be lead by Patrick Kaminski, a PhD student in sociology and complex networks and systems, and Dr. Ann McCranie, IUNI's Associate Director.

This workshop will now be held entirely on-line. If you registered to attend in person, we've converted your registration to Zoom.

Please note that this workshop is limited to the faculty, staff, and students of Indiana University. If you're an affiliate of any of the campuses of IU, click here to register.

Prerequisites: none. This is a follow-up to the Dec 1 workshop, Introduction to Social Network Analysis: Getting Started.

Self-paced lab materials will be made available to you to introduce you to using several different packages in R, which you will have time to go work on with instructor assistance at the end of the workshop.

Some setup notes from the instructors: 

  1. Please make sure you have the most recent versions of R at (  and R Studio and that you have downloaded the most recent statnet and igraph package. A guide that can be helpful if you have not done this before:
  1. Once you have R installed, install the two packages

- install.packages("statnet")
- install.packages("igraph")

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