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Event: IUNI Workshop: Practical Applications of Network Neuroscience

An overview of network neuroscience and hands-on tutorials

Friday, Mar 4th 2022 at 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Zoom / Goodman Hall Auditorium (IU School of Medicine)

This workshop will provide an overview of network outcomes commonly employed in network neuroscience, complemented by hands on tutorials on best practices and implementations. The primary focus will be on brain networks from neuroimaging data (structural, functional, and positron emission tomography). Opening talks by Drs. Olaf Sporns and Richard Betzel will provide an overview of network neuroscience, followed by in-depth presentations by Drs. Faskowitz and Chumin (instructors) on computing network metrics and selecting appropriate statistical comparisons. Finally, we will walk through practical hands-on tutorials, which will be provided as MATLAB scripts.

Prerequisites: access to research desktop or Matlab is beneficial for the hands-on tutorials, but is not required to participate or benefit from the workshop.

This workshop will be held on-line, with a limited number of seats available in-person at the IU School of Medicine campus. Both attendance options require registration.

Zoom registration: Click here.

In-person registration: Click here.

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