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Past Events

Smart, Connected, and Resilient Communities: Map & Reduce

A presentation at the Midwest Big Data Hub's All-Hands Meeting

Tuesday, Oct 29th 2019
Big Ten Conference Center, Rosemont, Ill.

IUNI IT Director Valentin Pentchev and IUNI Advisory Board Member Franco Pestilli will address challenges in Smart, Connected, and Resilient Communities at the MBDH All-Hands Meeting. The session aims to gather information about communities’ needs and challenges in this area. This event will be livestreamed. 

Culture change toward more open, rigorous, and reproducible research

Friday, Oct 4th 2019 at 1:30 p.m.
Luddy Hall 1106
Brian Nosek
Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Center for Open Science

Improving openness, rigor, and reproducibility in research is less a technical challenge and more a social challenge. Nosek will speak about current practice, its negative effects on research, and how to systematically change the culutre of research. Live stream information available here!

ISSI 2019: CADRE Workshop & Tutorial

The IUNI & CADRE team will present at ISSI

Monday, Sep 2nd 2019

Learn how CADRE facilitates collaboration and reproducibility for SoS researchers using big bibliometric data and hear from CADRE Fellows who will use the platform in our workshop. In the tutorial, create a CADRE profile, query the MAG dataset with our GUI query builder, perform analysis with simple code, reproduce work, talk with CADRE Fellows, and more.