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CADRE Fellowship Proposal Form

Project name

Project team and affiliations

We encourage applicants to form teams that span across discipline and institutional boundaries. Include your university affiliations and email addresses.

Project abstract

  1. The call will remain open and new fellows will be selected if new openings are available.
  2. The choice will be based on merit as well as its potential value to the development of CADRE platform. Considerations include community services such as doing data quality analysis and data cleaning, feasibility under current development status of CADRE, and value as test cases of different CADRE components.

Data set requested

  1. CADRE Fellows will be able to access the Web of Science dataset for their fellowship projects.

  2. CADRE also provide technical support for accessing Microsoft Academic Graph and its associated patent data. The MAG data has a ODC Attribution License and as such can be used freely as long as the appropriate citation is included. To qualify as a CADRE Fellow, however, a commitment to the "GOTO" principle is required, which stands for Good and Open data with Transparent and Objective process and methodologies. We will open-source and publish all MAG related project materials.

Computing resources requested

  1. For better testing purposes, we encourage the applicant to use CADRE's cloud based offerings. This include a GUI query service and Jupyter notebook environments on AWS. The notebooks can support languages like Python, R, Spark and Tensor-flow and the applicant should let us know if special resources like GPU are required.
  2. CADRE also offers a HPC environment housed at Indiana University Carbonate cluster. It supports SQL database, R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, MatLab, Python and other software upon user's request.
  3. If you prefer to use your own computing environment, please describe your planned data pipeline. The CADRE team will work with you to ensure data delivery.

Training interests

The CADRE team is planning for training webinars that can help fellows and other interested users to learn about our data sets/tools. Topics include but not limited to data set schemas and versions, relational/graph database query and tools, data analytics programming languages (Spark, R, Python, etc.). Please name webinar topics that will interest you.

How did you hear about the CADRE Fellowship Program

You can find out more about CADRE and related data sets at our website. For illustrative examples, you can also check out our current on-going collaborative project issues at our public GitHub repositories.