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Co-sponsorship of external speakers

We want to help you and your department bring exciting network speakers to IU’s Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. IUNI is accepting nominations by any IU faculty member for support in co-sponsoring departmental or other talk series. Our goal is to bring more networks speakers to the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses and to increase access and participation across the community.

We would like to co-sponsor 10-15 networks speakers annually. We can help you promote, record, livestream, and schedule visits.

In return, we would ask that your unit:

  • acknowledges IUNI as a co-sponsor in all promotion,
  • opens attendance to the talk to the broader network community at IU (including livestreaming that we can provide for inter-campus participation),
  • allows a short block of time in the speaker schedule for meeting with IUNI faculty and associated graduate students, and
  • ensures the speaker’s topic is relevant to networks research.

We would also like to, with speaker permission, record and share your speaker’s talk.

There is a short nomination form here. We will consider applications until funds are exhausted, but we need at least 30 days advance notice to co-sponsor a talk. In the event we have more nominations than funds, selection will be based on sponsoring the widest pool of speakers from different units and for sponsoring the most accomplished speakers.

Of course, we are always happy to promote your networks-related speakers, regardless of whether we formally sponsor them. Please feel free to reach out and let us know about their visits.

Contact us at if you have any questions about this opportunity.