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Web of Science

The IU Network Science Institute acquired the Web of Science Core Collection in XML format (Web of Knowledge version 5). This data can be used by any employee of Indiana University for academic research and without any sharing of data. The total number of items from 1900 through 2017 is 69,326,157 and the total number of article/reference links is 1,397,532,215.

IUNI has made the Web of Science dataset available through its CADRE project. You do not need to use the CADRE platform to access Web of Science data but CADRE is free to you as an IU researcher. You can learn more about CADRE here.

Data Access

The data can be accessed as RAW XML data, in a Postgresql database via a dedicated server on the Carbonate system or through the Cadre web platform. Custom datasets can be requested in standard data formats (.csv, .net).

To request data access, please complete the CADRE General Data User Application form. You are also welcome to access the data as a CADRE user by creating a CADRE account here.

If you have questions, please contact

You can find the CADRE Data Access Policy here [link to access policy section]


WoS on Elasticsearch

The most recent version of Web of Science data (2019) is also being added to CADRE’s local server. Please note, this data will not live on the server (otherwise known as or in Postgres. Instead, the data will be available on an Elasticsearch cluster on through If you are interested in using the latest version of the WoS data, please contact Matthew Hutchinson. Elasticsearch is a distributed document store that stores data as a series of JSON files instead of as the tables we use in Postgres (learn more about Elasticsearch). You can search, query, and filter data in Elasticsearch the same way you do in Postgres, but the data will be stored in a format very similar to what we receive from Web of Science Group.

Web of Science on Elasticsearch JSON schema (json)