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IUNI Email Lists

IUNI maintains three email mailing lists that serve different purposes. All three lists are run through IU's Sympa mailing platform.

IUNI Newsletter for Event and Announcements

This periodic email newsletter announces any important IUNI news and events. The newsletter also includes sections for networks-related events, job postings, publications, awards and any other major news that's of interest to the IU networks-research community. You are welcome to submit any news you think we should know about to

Anyone may subscribe to the newsletter by sending a blank email with the subject line "IUNI Newsletter" to

IUNI-discussion-l: Network Science Discussion list

IUNI-discussion-l ( is a list for posting announcements of meetings, conferences, colloquium, and other opportunities of general interest to those in the network science community at IUPUI and IUB and for general discussion of network science within this community. Subscribers may post to this list directly (your confirmation of your posting will be required). Anyone with an IU account may subscribe to this list and post. We ask that subscribers add a tag to their subject line ("TALK," "FUNDING," or "CALL") that can indicate to other subscribers what the content it. IUNI SLT member Katy Börner is the owner of this list and is assisted by IUNI staff. Contact Borner or if you have questions about this.

To subscribe to this list, send a blank email to If you would like to unsubscribe to this list, you can send an email to The message can be blank. You may also email us at and we will remove you. A full list of options for managing your list subscription (including setting to weekly digest format) is here:

IUNI-Affiliates: Official Affiliate communication

IUNI-Affiliates-l is the official channel for communication between IUNI faculty affiliates. Posts to this list are typically infrequent and relate to official IUNI business, such as Network Science talk nominations, collaborative opportunities, and invitation to IUNI events. Only affiliated faculty may belong to this list. If you wish to unsubscribe to this list. please contact

This list was formerly the NIH Behavioral and Social Sciences-Systems Science Listserv. In October of 2015, the list-owner, Dr. Patricia Mabry, moved from NIH to Indiana University. She is still the list owner, and the list content will remain similar. However, the listserv has a new name and is now housed at IU. The purpose of this listserv has historically been to inform subscribers of events/news related to: systems science and behavioral and social sciences research. Topics now also include: data science, scientific rigor, science of science, and research funding. Lectures and articles of interest, training opportunities, job opportunities, conferences and funding announcements are the sorts of things posted. This listserv has ONE-WAY communication only. That is, postings to the list can be made by the list owner (Dr. Mabry), but members cannot themselves post to the list. The list reaches over 1200 subscribers. If you have identified an item you think is appropriate for the list, send it to Dr. Mabry ( Dr. Mabry reserves the right to make all decisions about which items will and will not be posted to the listserv.

To subscribe, interested persons should send an email message to Dr. Mabry ( indicating their interest in subscribing along with full contact info, including name, title, degree, institutional affiliation, department, discipline, email address, and phone number, and a brief description (i.e., 2-3 sentences) of subscribers educational background and current professional interests. This information is used for the purpose of gauging the types of items that would be of interest to list member or in some cases, particular subscribers. The contact info is needed in case there is a delivery problem with posted messages. Subscribers may not be added by proxy. That is, the list owner will only add subscribers who send a subscription request to Dr. Mabry from their own account - the account for which they wish to subscribe.