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Outreach and Events

We are interested in promoting the good work of faculty and students at IU related to networks. We do this in a few ways:

  • We maintain an open community discussion list, iuni-discussion-l that any IU community member may join and post to. We also have a regular newsletter that shares community news, events, and opportunities.
  • We have an active and growing social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, and we encourage you to tag us or send us a message if you would like us to amplify your news or post.
  • We are always looking for exciting research to profile on our blog and share with our university communications team to seek an even wider audience.
  • IUNI has been the host to several high-profile events in the networks community (NetSci 2017, ACNN 2017, Network Science and Economics 2019), and will be the primary host of Networks 2021, the first-ever joint conference of the International Network of Social Network Analysis (Sunbelt) and the Network Science Society (NetSci) in Washington, DC.

If you would like to talk to us about outreach or events, please contact us at