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Our Mission

The mission of the Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) was to promote research and development of the foundational aspects of network science such as theories, methods, analytic tools, to strengthen the practice of network science, and to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary network science approaches to understanding and improving the complex challenges of our world. IUNI accomplished its mission by:

  • Facilitating interactions and synergies among IU's programs, departments, schools and centers engaged in network science research;

  • Facilitating collaborative, high-impact, research projects in network science, especially those projects requiring participation from multiple disciplines;

  • Fostering and promoting excellence in scholarship and training in the discipline of network science;

  • Enhancing the scientific rigor in the field by developing best practices related to network science;

  • Hosting lectures, workshops, workgroups and other activities aimed at fostering collaboration among IU faculty interested in applying network sciences approaches in their research; and

  • Leading scientific discourse in network science through support of scholarly works and hosting of network science meetings and conferences.