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Evgeny Jenya Chumin

Evgeny Jenya Chumin, who goes by Jenya, received his BS in Neuroscience and Psychology from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis and recevied his PhD in Medical Neuroscience from the Indiana University School of Medicine. Jenya is now a PostDoc working in the Sporns Lab working on brain networks in Alzheimer's Disease. The goal of Jenya's work is to increase the field's understanding of the progression and consequences of Alzheimer's Disease though investigations of neuroimaging derived brain networks (i.e. functional and diffusion MRI, as well as Positron Emission Tomography). Within this goal, one of Jenya's main aims is to foster collaborations between network scientists at Indina University Bloomington and the Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Center at the Indiana University School of Medicine.