Plenary Speakers

Conference Speakers

We're doing things a bit differently for the first joint conference of our two communities. Our plenary speakers may given short joint or independent talks, but will engage in a bit of dialogue, with one another, with a moderator, and with you. Check back in the next few days to learn who our sets of speakers will be!

Moderated and Open for Questions Beyond the Parallel Play
Each panel will have two or three exciting speakers - established and emerging leaders in their field. The focus is on a conversation between and among them and audience members on where we go from here. Our communities have different meetings, different journals, and divergent paths, but we are looking forward toward opportunities for engagement and collaboration.

Networks 2021 Plenary Speakers (so far!)

Albert-László Barabási

Physics, Network Science

Northeastern University, Central European University

H. Russell Bernard

Cultural Anthropology, Social Network Analysis

Arizona State University, University of Florida

Danielle S. Bassett

Bioengineering, Physics and Astronomy, Neurology, Psychiatry

University of Pennsylvania, Sante Fe Institute

Brea L. Perry

Medical Sociology, Mental Illness, Social Network Analysis

Indiana University Bloomington

Mark E.J.Newman

Physics, Network Science

University of Michigan

Elizabeth E. Bruch

Sociology, Complex Systems, Computational Social Science

University of Michigan