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Interdisciplinary Training in Complex Networks and Systems

Principal Investigators: Luis Rocha (IUB Informatics), Olaf Sporns (IUB Psychological and Brain Sciences), Bernice Pescosolido (IUB Sociology), Katy Börner (IUB Information and Library Science), Selma Sabanovic (IUB Informatics; 2019 - Present), Armando Razo (IUB Political Science; 2017 - 2019)


This National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) award to Indiana University will address the growing need for an integrated dual PhD program that trains students to be "bidisciplinary" in Complex Networks and Systems (CNS) and another discipline of their choosing from the natural and social sciences. The program leads to a dual PhD, and will seamlessly integrate traditional education with interdisciplinary hands-on research in a culture of academic and human diversity.

IUNI supported the proposal and four IUNI founding faculty serve as principal investigators. IUNI staff supports evaluation, and IUNI co-sponsors the NRT colloquium series.