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Science Genome

Principal Investigator: Yong Yeol Ahn (IUB Informatics)
Project Collaborators: Staša MilojevićAlessandro Flammini, and Fil Menczer (IUB Informatics)


Science Genome, which is a new quantitative framework designed to investigate Science of Science using representation learning and graph embedding, will take advantage of the availability of digitized bibliographic datasets and powerful computational methods, such as machine learning with deep neural networks, to tap into hidden information present in complex scholarly graphs. The project is funded by the Minerva Research Initiative Award for up to $4.4 million from the United States Department of Defense.

Sriraam Natarajan, now at the University of Texas at Dallas, was an important collaborator on this project.

IUNI will assist in building the Science Genome infrastructure. The project will also take advantage of the CADRE datsets that IUNI is building.