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Multi-Omic Network Explorer

Principal Investigator: Jingwen Yan (IUB BioHealth Informatics)


Despite the increasing interest in multi-omic data, the availability of mature tools for integrative analysis is limited, but highly desired due to the rapidly growing data volume and diversity. Considering the tissue-specific nature of multi-omic data and increasing availability of tissue-specific networks, this project will expand Yan’s multi-omic network explorer (MONE) to integrate tissue-specific eQTL networks, protein interactions networks, and metabolic networks. To the best of Yan’s knowledge, this will be the first resource for a tissue-specific, multi-omic network. With this comprehensive multi-omic network, we will be able to not only examine the downstream effect of GWAS findings on metabolome level, but also trace the potential risk of genetic regulators, given altered metabolites.

IUNI’s IT Team supports the technical development of this tool.