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Midwest Big Data Hub

Accelerating the Big Data Innovation Ecosystem

Principal Investigators: Franco Pestilli (IUB Psychologica land Brain Sciences), Inna Kouper (IUB Informatics), Beth Plale (IUB Informatics; 2015-2017)


The Midwest Data Hub (MBDH) was established in 2015 to build a regional consortium for big data cross-sector partnerships with the goal of managing the end-to-end lifecycle of big data assets, including such issues as ownership, legality, and interoperability. The data challenges and lessons learned by the MBDHs thematic communities on such automation efforts are expected to be shared with stakeholders as well as more broadly across the network of NSF Big Data Hubs and other thematic communities.

The MBDH is one of four regional Big Data (BD) Innovation Hubs launched in 2015 with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF award #1550320). The Founding PI was Beth Plale, with Bernice Pescosolido serving as the PI for the Network Science Spoke. In 2019, the NSF supported a second cycle of MBDH with nearly $4 million of support. IU received about $340,000 for its part in the four-year award.

IUNI supported the initial development of the MBDH, with Valentin Pentchev serving on the steering committee.