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Person to Person Health Interview Study

Person to Person Health Interview Study

Principal Investigators:  Bernice Pescosolido (IUB Sociology), Hank Green (IUNI, IUB Applied Health Science)


The Person to Person Health Interview Study is currently collecting information from Hoosiers on social and physical environments, cultures, behaviors, and genetics in a face to face survey. Researchers in Indiana want to better understand how these factors fit together to make up our health and what this can teach us about how to improve the health of all Hoosiers. The study aims to talk to at least 2,000 adults in the state and is a part of the IU Grand Challenge Precision Health Initiative.

IUNI research faculty and staff (Ann McCranie, Erin Pullen, Kate Eddens, Hank Green) have been involved in this effort since the beginning, as members of the Core Science team, and IUNI Advisory Council members lead the effort (Bernice Pescosolido and Brea Perry). The IU Center for Survey Research is fielding the study.